A visit to Tesla Motor’s Sydney showroom

DSC_0019You would have to be mad, or an inveterate petrol sniffer, not to think the Tesla Motors cars are very cool. And now we have a showroom right here in Sydney so it’s possible to sit in one for yourself.

The Artarmon showroom comes complete with charging stations and several model S cars to look at, drool over, and, even, buy. The thing that’s quickly obvious is Tesla’s intention to make the whole experience as cool as their car. It’s much closer to an Apple shop than a normal car-buying experience.

But the star of the show is the car itself. Two things struck me immediately. First it’s a full-sized car, there’s really no compromise because it’s electric. Second the dashboard is a geeky dream – everything controlled from a touch-pad and lots of graphs and information to keep you feeling in control.

And check out the Energy Consumption sticker to see a greener future.

I know the electric car future is here today for some people, but realistically the sticker-price needs to come down a fair chunk until Teslas are available to most of us. But now, in the meantime, there’s the Tesla showroom to dream in.

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