Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular – deals to be done

dr whoI don’t know if the flood of advertising I’m getting for the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular is indicative of a problem with filling seats. But I do know that it’s pretty annoying to see people being offered better deals now that the early-bird pre-sale deal I paid for many moons ago.

This has happened a couple of times recently with major events – Brian Cox was another – I sign up for the early deal only to find them offering even better deals down the track. I recognise the need for the promoters to sell seats, but there does need to be some loyalty given to those who buy under the early deals; or what’s the point of doing that in the future?

Maybe this only applies to Dr Who with its wibbly, wobbly time issues or Brian Cox with his relativity explanations, but somehow I don’t think science is to blame here.

Regardless, the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular still looks pretty awesome.

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