Robin Ince coming to Sydney – rational comedy arrives

RobinInce230My first reaction when I heard Robin Ince was coming to Sydney was, “Who?”. And then it hit me – Robin Ince, the other half, the comedian half, of the Infinite Monkey Cage. Robin to Brian Cox’s moody Batman. That Robin Ince.

Robin Ince’s show is titled Happiness Through Science: “In Happiness Through Science Robin asks whether you can be happy and rational at the same time … covering Schrödinger cats, multiverses and evolutionary conundrums, Robin traverses the landscape of evolution and the depths of his own murky consciousness, all without the aid of a safety net.”

Even better, for once, tickets aren’t ludicrously expensive: $40 for an adult, $30 for concession; and a bit more once the stupid Seymour Centre transaction fees are factored in.

For all the rational details on what promises to be an interesting show see here.

If, by the way, you’re still uncertain about Robin Ince, you can see his TED talks here. And if you aren’t aware of the Infinite Monkey Cage, well, you just should be – podcasts in all the usual places.

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