Electrocraft Sydney – sisters in circuitry

1474448_563536447053000_2048610862_nI came across Electrocraft Sydney by chance the other day: It’s a group of women hackers getting together to make stuff. As they described one of their recent get-togethers:

Let’s gather as sisters in circuits for a day of collaborating on projects, sharing knowledge in mini masterclasses, and you know, making stuff. Bring your own project, come ready to work on our caterpillar robot, or to try out arduino, raspberry pi, and other electronic goodness. Everyone welcome!

I’m loathe to draw any distinction between what works for men and women in this sort of area, but our attempts to get high school girls programming over the last year have driven home to me how important a peer group is in persuading women to give traditionally geeky things a go (I actually think that applies to males too, to a large degree, but the peer group is just much easier to find). So groups like Electrocraft are a great idea and in this case they look to be doing some seriously fun stuff.

To see what they have going on, take a look at their Facebook page.

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