Sydney team creates suit of armour for martial arts

safe_imageIt’s always good to see Sydney at the forefront of technology. In this case a Sydney team has come up with a whole new approach to martial arts revolving around a very high-tech suit of armour. It’s either brilliant or terrifying.

The basic idea is a suit that allows martial arts with weapons. The suit both protects the wearer and allows for accurate scoring in bouts. I don’t know about anyone else, but getting hit over the head with a large stick doesn’t look like a lot of fun even wearing a suit of armour.

The site seems to suggest that in addition to making for spectacular television this would be good for training. I’m not convinced that divorcing the effect of hitting someone with a stick from reality is ever really good for training unless you are at the most senior levels – you don’t want to get into the habit of thinking that using your head or forearm to stop a swinging club is going to work in the real world.

Anyway, best of luck to another group of local innovators. For full details see their Facebook page or the website with videos.

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