How Google says we spend our weekends

Weekend in SearchThe grand Google has come up with a nice infographic on how the average Australian spends their weekend as reflected in searches made from mobile devices.

Like so many of these things the information is interesting but wide open to interpretation, especially as it’s based on searches rather than use. So for example, the infographic suggests we all do a lot of mobile banking on Saturday morning – but who does their banking using a search? Searching banks for mortgage information while looking for real-estate on a Saturday morning is a very Sydney activity and a viably different way to look at the information.

No ground-shaking revelations but an interesting quick look. The full article from the Google blog is here.

Interestingly the article refers to the long-tail of search variety – the pub quiz phenomenon. That certainly resonates with me. One of the things I love about mobile access to search is that if I see something I don’t know about, or one of my kids asks a question I don’t know the answer to, I can just immediately look it up. For me, that more than anything, reflects the new information-rich world in which we live.

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