Calling LEGO fans: Sydney Brick Show 2013

sydney brick show

The 2013 Sydney Brick Show will run from Saturday 20th April to Sunday 28th April. Handily, that’s during the school holidays.

It’s great that the show will be returning for a second year but I’m a little sad that it will be moving venue from the Powerhouse Museum which is such a natural venue for events like the Brick Show. This year the Show will be at David Jones, Elizabeth Street Store. There will be lots of activities for adult fans of LEGO as well as the public at large.

We enjoyed last year’s show and I imagine we’ll take a look this year too; but the new venue, with what I’m sure will be many opportunities for David Jones to sell LEGO to the kids, makes me a little less enthusiastic at this stage. There’s still lots more information to be released, including ticket prices, so that may change.

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