MacICT’s new website showcases their fabulous work

MacICTwebsiteA shiny new website brings in 2013 for the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre.

The new website showcases MacICT’s range of bootcamps, courses, and research. These include the Satellite Games (which were mysteriously and disappointingly postponed from 2012), LEGO WeDo courses, a variety of robotics lessons, and much more.

The MacICT blog showcases some of the Centre’s research and thinking. I like their latest article on Robotics in Education. I applaud seeing robotics, with younger kids in particular, more as a way of facilitating lifelong learning and a way of exploring ideas than an end in itself. However, and somewhat ironically, the intriguingly titled Understanding the Next Generation of Students and How The Expect to Learn must demonstrate that I’m last generation – because a Powerpoint stack without more doesn’t work for me.

There’s also a particularly timely and interesting case-study on the use of iPads in the classroom which I will return to another day.

MacICT is doing some fabulous work and is a great resource for any teacher interested in how technology can be usefully used in education. So take a look at their shiny new website.

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