SNOT balls at the Powerhouse

It’s not every day you can proudly proclaim that your kids made Snot balls. And with Ryan McNaught no less – Australia’s only certified LEGO professional.

The Sydney Brick Show was absolutely packed with people. A rainy weekend might have helped with the decision to go, but more than that it just shows how popular LEGO really is. The show also demonstrated how immensely creative the talented local builders are. We saw steampunk flying liners side-by-side with daleks, huge dioramas rubbed shoulders with raised railways, a windmill turned beside a brightly lit casino. The absolute best thing though was watching the builders make running repairs – there was no glue involved here. Ask nicely and the builders would gleefully take their creations to bits and show you how they were made.

In addition to the displays there were talks and workshops. The kids did the Advanced LEGO Tips and Tricks workshop. They built bridges and were shown how to create a sphere. For the uninitiated,  The Brothers Brick LEGO glossary defines SNOT like this:

SNOT:  Studs Not On Top. A building technique that places LEGO elements on their sides or even upside down to achieve the shape or structure the builder wants in their creation.

I really hope the show becomes an annual event. Seeing what can be made with LEGO was certainly inspiring. But the really inspiring thing was the sheer enthusiasm and delight of the builders – it didn’t matter whether they were 10 years old or 60 they were just thrilled to be able to create. When I was looking up the definitional of SNOT I found it was followed by another definition which seemed to sum up the joy of it all:

Swooshable: A quality that allows a LEGO creation to be picked up and flown around a room as the builder makes flying noises.

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