Let’s make more zombies come to Sydney

patientzeroYou can’t have too many zombies in a town like Sydney.

I wrote ages ago (here and here) about Melbourne’s Patient Zero – the real-life zombie shooter game. It has been running for a while now and seems very successful. The Age has a good review including a video which gives a pretty good idea of the game in action, it also gives some idea of the complexity of getting something like this up and running. The event does look like a lot of fun – at least as long as you are prepared to be shouted at by a fake sergeant-major. It certainly appears to be as well-executed as promised in the Pozible funding campaign that kicked the whole thing off .

So lucky Melbourne. But what about us? Sydney’s home grown version on Pozible has not gained any funding – which honestly is not surprising given the way it was presented. So what is really needed now is to persuade the Patient Zero guys to come to Sydney. It’s on their agenda, but so are many other things.

So the way to make sure Sydney happens is to go and fill in the short form at the bottom of this page on their website.

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