A real zombie shooter experience in Australia

The zombies are coming to Melbourne, they really are.

When people criticise computer games it is often with the idea that people exposed to them will turn out to be homicidal maniacs living out their game experience in real life. There isn’t much of anything in the way of evidence to support that idea. Buuuut…. a Victorian company is creating an opportunity for people to play a first-person zombie shooter in real life, just without the homicidal maniac bit. If it comes off as advertised it will be stunning.

This RLFPSMPRPG (Real Life First Person Shooter Multi-Player Role Playing Game) is described as:

Patient 0 is a fully immersive live action real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role-playing game. If you ever wanted to get off the couch and play your favourite first person shooter video game for real, this is the event for you. Patient 0 is the first game event by IRL Shooter and it will blow your mind.

From the moment you purchase your ticket, you will be taken on a journey into a completely realised universe of our design, culminating in you and 5 of your friends having to fight your way through a zombie infested building, solving puzzles, collecting information and trying to stay alive.

The people behind this look like they are doing it right. They’ve created a whole new weapon system that will feel authentic and keep accurate score and so make the game-play more realistic. They have a great-looking venue. It just looks wonderful.

Patient 0 is an adults-only affair and you’ll need to be in good health “because you’re going to be running away like scared babies from the horde of zombies!” It starts on Halloween, the 31st of October 2012 and runs for a month in Melbourne. The organisers intend to tour the event around Australia if they get interest from other States. Which means there should be a lot of people jumping up and down and waving in Sydney right now.

To get tickets to the Melbourne event you should take a look at their funding page at Pozible.com. Backing them will allow you to get tickets ahead of the general public. The organisers have already got $115,000 in funding.

Bring on the zombies.

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