Homage to the uber-politics-geek

antony greenI’m channeling my not-so inner politics geek today. And that can mean only one thing – paying homage to the uber-politics-geek that is Antony Green.

Now Antony is all about the numbers and the process which I love. You can paint whatever colour politics you want on the canvas of objective detail he provides. Sadly the length of the campaign probably makes little difference to what he can usefully contribute in that context. The coming months will all be about maneuvering and positioning so Antony will really come into his own much closer to the event. But even now his blog is absolutely worth watching.

Did you know the only Federal parliament to run a full term was the 1906-10 parliament? Right now, the Prime Minister has made a statement of intent: The election is not official until the writs are issued. That could legally be as early as mid-July, but it wont be because Cabinet convention is that when the writs are issued Government enters caretaker mode. Thank you Antony, it’s all great stuff. Really he has a lot of excellent information as well as a peerless depth of background and insight.

Is there any doubt he’s the ultimate politics geek? Well Antony describes himself as a psephologist. Enough said.

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