Ultimo Science Festival highlights: ethics or chocolate?

Thought controlled wheelchair.

The Ultimo Science Festival kicks off in a fortnight and there’s such a lot of good stuff happening that it’s hard to know where to start. Niall Byrne from Science in Public has picked out some of the highlights:

  • A thought-controlled wheelchair named TIM;
  • Trace elements in the brain helping us unlock the secrets of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s;
  • Some animals are loved companions, others are destined to become lab rats. Who decides and how? An ABC Radio National forum exploring the ethics of animal experimentation;
  • Ever wanted to be famous? Maths could be the answer. Simon Pampena explains the secrets of fame with his formula for success and;
  • Artists ‘reimagining’ climate data from Antarctica, and working with scientists on new ways to articulate research on climate change in audio, images and installations.

While these are all exciting, personally, I find myself still captivated by the Chocolate Souffle Workshop and the Science of Coffee.

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