The revolutionary Rotacaster wheel does a wheelchair

The fabulous Rotacaster wheel revolutionises building a 3-wheeled robot with LEGO Mindstorms, in my opinion. And if a thing is worth using, it’s worth using well.

So a very clever gentleman in the UK has used the wheels to create a fully functional LEGO wheelchair. The wheelchair, entirely made of LEGO, can support a 90kg person and was only possible because of the Rotacaster wheels. The project used 12 wheels – as well as seven Mindstorms bricks, 14 NXT motors, 16 NXT touch sensors, and just over 6000 LEGO Technic pieces.

The full details on the chair are on Burf’s Crazy Lego Inventions. The Rotacaster wheel is available from a company just up the road in Newcastle. And I’m wondering how many of these wheels we’ll be seeing in the upcoming Robocup Junior competition.

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