Be Amazing – getting primary kids to love science

Be Amazing is a new book from Ben Newsome. It’s sub-titled “How to teach science the way primary kids love” and that might smack of hubris, were it not for the fact that Ben is the person behind Fizzics Education.

The book is aimed at schools and teachers and is 322 pages packed with practical ideas and suggestions:

From engaging science experiments, effective role-play scenarios and useful digital technologies through to intriguing Maker spaces, colourful science fairs and community collaboration in your school, there are so many ways that you can be the spark that ignites a passion in students for understanding how the world works. This book takes you through the practical and realistic ways you can teach the kind of science that kids care about!

Discover how to address students’ science misconceptions, teach science with limited resources and ensure primary students can work to the scientific method in fun challenges where they can explore science in meaninfgul ways they’ll remember.

It’s time to reinvigorate your love of teaching and bring about sustained active learning. Your classroom can become a glowing example of how to engage students in STEM and a beacon for the greater community.

This has the potential to be a great resource for teachers. I’ve only read the samples, so I can’t really comment on quality – and I’m not the target audience.  That said, Newsome has walked the hard, snotty-nosed yards and taught science to many, many kids as well as actively researching the area, so I’m pretty confident the book will be worth a read or at least some serious dipping into.

The Kindle version is only $7 on Amazon and the paperback is $18; or you can get the hardcopy direct from Fizzics for $30. If this book can help some more teachers be amazing for their students, it’s certainly worth getting hold of.

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