Scinema – the international Science Film Festival 2017

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere; celebrating the power of moving image to tell stories about the world, how it works and our place in it. Now in its 14th year, SCINEMA showcases science features, shorts, documentaries, animated and experimental films from filmmakers around the world.  And it’s all happening in June.

There are some cool and interesting films on offer. They are all pretty short so the screening will be more a smorgasbord than a drawn out film-festival feast. Subjects cover an eclectic mix from aqueducts in Iran to Canadian turtles to wormholes in the backyard.

There are screenings all round Australia, but the Sydney one is at on Wednesday 14 June at 6:30pm at the Palace Verona.

Tickets cost $20 and are available here. For more details on the films see here.

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