Print-o-ber is a month-long celebration of 3D printing: Competitions and deals galore

printoberprocompPrint-o-ber is “a month long celebration of all things 3D Printing: 3D Printers, 3D Printing, Hacks, Upgrades, Applications and more” brought to us by Bilby 3D.

Bilby has long been, and remains, my go-to place for all things 3D printing. They’ve serviced my printer several times and are where I buy all my filament – I’ve always been very happy with their service.  Which is why I’m giving them a free pass on this awfully named event.

Regardless of the naming, they have specials galore, competitions, and more. The competitions seem to revolve around telling them what you would do with a printer, so anyone can enter. If you’ve already got a printer there are good discounts on filament; including some of the cool new filaments like carbon fiber and magnetic.

You get the idea. For all the details see the website.

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