Vogue’s Coding for Kids

vogue-codesCode Club Australia is joining forces with Vogue, yes that Vogue, to put on a Coding for Kids event at the Powerhouse on 16 October.

Coding for Kids is the second day of a more general event called Vogue Codes: How women can be empowered by technology. Day 1 is a series of panels and talks on women, technology, and a dash of fashion.

Day 2 is committed to “getting kids excited about technology and sparking their appetite to create, not just consume”. It’s on at the Powerhouse. Participants can select to participate in one of three session times across the day. Participation is free, but registration is mandatory as space is limited.

What will happen on the day? “You and your family will experience an array of tech and STEM hands-on exhibitor stalls from the likes of Sphero, Cuberider’s space program for High School students, the world of Minecraft and 3D Printing with HP.”

This all seems both interesting and worthwhile – well done to Vogue and their partners.

See here for all the details.


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