Sydney Science Festival is loaded with good stuff

amy sheira teitelThere is more interesting science hitting Sydney in mid-August than you can shake a test tube at.

The Sydney Science Festival runs from 11-21 August and if you haven’t already booked events, you should be thinking about it now. And I mean, now.

There are a bunch of talks. Some of the really good ones include: Amy Shira Teitel Talks ScienceProfessor Chris Tinney on exoplanets, and Dr Alan Duffy talking about CERN.

There’s my personal favourite thing ever: The Mini-Maker Faire the only criticism I have of which is that it’s still ‘mini’.

Then there’s science in a swamp for those more into biology than physics. In a similar vein you can find out why we should care about biohacking, and look into the secret life of eels.

Look, the list of events just goes on and on and there is definitely something for everyone. All the details on all the events can be found at So, Sydney, channel your inner Martian and accept that you’re left with one option,  you’re gonna have to science the shit out of this.

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