New show: Spot the Bull S…cience

science nationThose clever people at The Science Nation have come up with a new show. To celebrate National Science Week, and to demonstrate just how hard it is to get scientists to believe BS (bad science), The Science Nation is holding a contest of intelligence, interrogation and intimidation that sees a lineup of scientists each trying to have their peers believe complete and utter BS.

Sydney’s participants include: statistician and model(ler) Dr Craig Anderson; national fencing champion and builder of bacterial motors Dr Matt Baker; anthropologist, evolutionary scientist and science communicator A/Prof Darren Curnoe; physicist, triathlete, bass player and beer connoisseur A/Prof Adam Micolich; and chemist, science communicator and host of Up and Atom Dr Alice Williamson.

The Sydney show is on 21 August at the Powerhouse. Tickets can be booked here.

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