Free shipping on Brazilian virgin human hair

What I was trying to find was a newly released PC-on-a-stick mentioned by Engadget today. $74 for a computer little bigger than a USB-stick. I’m not even sure why I’d need one beyond the thought that there has to be something I could do with one of these.

Anyway I then got completely and entirely distracted by the  Ali Express site: ‘Buy direct from China’. It’s just like the market in an Asian city taken online. There is so much stuff in a wide range from cheap, to cheap and weird. From a $15 3D model of the Opera House to a $89 outdoor misting system to keep your patio cool. It’s very hard to stay focused on the job in hand when wandering these virtual isles.

But where I got really stuck, really really stuck, was the advertisement for Brazilian virgin human hair. I mean, who knew it was possible to buy something like this online?

Of course if you don’t want some poor Brazilian woman’s hair in a wig you could always go the geeky route and use Lego.

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