Brian Cox live in Sydney August 2016

brian cox 2017Brian Cox is coming back to Sydney. And even more wonderfully he’ll be joined on stage by his Infinite Monkey Cage partner-in-crime Robin Ince.

Both men are fascinating and engaging performers. But the key question hanging in the room like a suspended elephant is whether this show will bring us something new enough to justify the very not-cheap tickets. This show is entitled ‘A Journey Into Deep Space”, here’s how it is described:

This August, join Professor Brian Cox for an unforgettable evening as he explores some of the great unanswered questions about our Universe. Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever know what happened before the Big Bang? What was the origin of Life on Earth? How do we know the age of the Earth, the Sun and the Universe? And how sure can we be of things that happened when our observable universe was way smaller than a single atom, 13.8 billion years ago?

Now leaving aside the highly erratic use of capital-letters, those are just the sorts of questions we expect Brian Cox to be answering and there’s no hint of a new approach, so I’m guessing we’re looking at more erudite riffs on the universe accompanied by some soulful looks. Although, don’t get me wrong, that’s no bad thing if you’re a Brian Cox fan.

Tickets to the Sydney show on 11 August are on pre-sale through ticketmaster now.

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