Sydney man invents new building blocks

aran blocksA while ago I got an intriguing email from a local who had come up with a clever idea.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dev Anand and I am from Sydney. I write to you because I have designed potentially a new form of Lego/Geeky accessory and wanted to get your input on it.
Essentially I have designed a building block (like Lego), except that it fits horizontally as well as vertically. While the vertical connection is very basic at present, the way the block connects horizontally is unique and allows any structure made from it to be strong and able to bear weight.

It was an obviously interesting idea at first sight. An idea that might well have application well boyond the world of toys. And it’s an idea that Dev has continued to develop and which is getting some attention.

Now named Aran Blocks, the idea has it’s own website and is heading for a Kickstarter campaign. Aran Blocks was also selected amongst the Top 5 products at Innovation Pitchfest and will compete at the Grand Finals in Melbourne in August.

This is a clever idea and well worth watching as it continues to develop. Take a look at

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