Robogals Science Challenge is back for 2016!

robogals scienceGet your lab coats and safety goggles ready… The Robogals Science Challenge is back for 2016 – from 1 May, to be exact!

The Robogals Science Challenge is an Australia-wide science competition for girls, which allows participants to learn more about science and engineering through science projects and experiments with a friend, parent, or mentor. Entries to the competition are submitted online in the form of videos, photos and writing in three age categories (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) or in a separate school category. The competition will span across four months, with the best groups or individuals being rewarded for their efforts towards the end of the year.

For those familiar with the Challenge, Robogals have kept the two parts to the competition (the Minor Challenge and Major Challenge) however they have updated the Major Challenge entry requirements and have introduced a separate schools category.

There are four sets of Minor Challenge projects this year, with each set being released fortnightly starting from the competition opening date, May 1, and ending just before the Major Challenge opens.

There are few key points to note:
1. Registration to the competition is here.
2. Participants are required to:

  • conduct a project (with the guidance of a mentor over the age of 18)
  • take photos or create images to describe the project and what they discovered
  • answer a few questions about the project

3. Participants’ entries will be collated and displayed on the official Robogals Facebook page and other social media throughout the competition.
4. Participants must complete a minimum of three Minor Challenge projects from their age category or higher to be eligible to participate in the Major Challenge

The Major Challenge will open in July and will follow the same structure as previous years – participants will conduct a project on any topic of their choosing and create a 4-minute video of their findings.

If you have any queries please email [email protected].

Pathway into Engineering

Students who are 14 years old or above, may be interested in participating in a new Robogals initiative, Pathway into Engineering (or PiE). PiE is an investigative, project-based program that aims to encourage young women to expand their knowledge in different areas of engineering, science and technology over a period of 3 or 6 months. For more information contact the PiE Manager at [email protected].

Students may participate in both Robogals Science Challenge and Pathway into Engineering.

Image: Robogals.

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