Code.Comp 2016 – still time to get involved

grokCode.Comp 2016 has started and it’s a wonderful way to get students coding (or to learn to code yourself). Students are already underway, solving problems with code and earning cool achievements! But it’s not too late to get involved: The first week is a friendly week to get started, so there are no points for this week’s questions.

Here’s what the lovely people at Grok have to say:

“If your students have all-access subscriptions, they already have access. You can upgrade your students’ NCSS Challenge subscriptions or sign up new students any time this week.

The first week’s notes and questions waiting for you and your students to work through and solve! Make sure you try out our interactive code snippets in the notes! Each and every example and code snippets you find on the website can be run and modified in the browser. You’re also able to write, run and save your code submissions for questions in the browser!

We do have some great achievements for you (and your students) to earn, though!”

See Grok Learning for all the details.

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