Web.Comp will teach students to build a website – starts 22 Feb

webcompWeb.Comp is a web coding competition for high school students. The competition will teach students how to build a website as they go along, rather than expecting them to be an expert already.

The competition comes from the clever people at Grok Learning who also run the NCSS Challenge and a range of other courses and competitions. Although their web-coding stuff isn’t quite as strong as their Python work, it’s still very good and a great way to introduce students to creating web pages.

Web.Comp 2016 will run for 5 weeks, from Monday 22nd February until Sunday 26th March: “Each week, we’ll release interactive notes with the information needed to complete the week’s web design challenges. For the last week, we will hold a web design competition where students can submit their own designs and vote on everyone else’s!”

Web.Comp will be run in two streams: Beginners and Intermediate. Both streams are introductory, so they don’t assume any knowledge, but Intermediate will move faster and cover more material by the end. Web.Comp is aimed at high school students (Year 7-12) but keen younger students will get lots out of Web.Comp too.

Pricing depends on whether the school is already signed up for Grok courses and if the student is likely to do other Grok things.

For all the competitive details see the Grok website.

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