Ben Heck’s Bitscope mod

benheckbitscopeBen Heck has applied his famously inventive making skills to an oscilloscope from Sydney company Bitscope.

Ben Heck has legendary status in the making community thanks to his eponymous show. In his latest episode he takes one of Bitscope’s oscilloscopes and turns it into a self-contained unit by linking up a Raspberry Pi and putting it all into a 3-D printed and laser-cut housing. It gives a nice insight into the Bitscope Micro; but, unfortunately, the project is mostly about creating a housing and attaching the oscilloscope to a Raspberry Pi rather than being an inventive use of an oscilloscope. It’s interesting enough, but ultimately you could achieve the same ends by just plugging the oscilloscope into your computer.

The nice thing is to see a Sydney company’s product getting the Ben Heck treatment. Bitscope is a quiet local success story having been creating and selling increasingly sophisticated signal testing solutions for industry and education for many years. They’ve kept up with the changing times by continually improving, innovating and shrinking their products and recently, integrating them with the Raspberry Pi.

Disclosure: Bitscope’s Bruce Tulloch and I are co-directors of Coding Oz.

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