Sydney company brings Reiner Knizia’s Medici to Kickstarter

mediciLocal company, Grail Games, is presenting a new 3rd edition of Reiner Knizia’s classic auction game Medici. The Kickstarter campaign is already fully-funded, so now it’s really just a matter of buying the game.

Medici is an auction game that takes place over three days (rounds). Players take turns presenting goods to be auctioned. Successful bidders will then load these goods onto the decks of their ships.

  • Once all ships are full, or the deck of commodity cards is depleted, each day ends.
  • Players then receive money for the value of the loads in their ships, and for how much of each commodity they have bought thus far. But be careful – the money you use to bid at auctions is also your end game points!
  • After three days and three scorings, the player with the most money will win the game.

This classic auction game has been out of print since 2006, although Medici remains one of the most highly regarded board games of the 1990s. The new Grail Games edition, due to be released in Q2 2016, will include rules and component additions that allow Medici to be played by two players for the first time.

Nice to see a successful local campaign. See here for all the details.

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