Computational thinking with Bebras is back!

bebrasAustralia’s largest student computational thinking challenge returns September 7-18.

Bebras is a challenge to promote Computational Thinking among primary and secondary students (years 3-12). The purpose is to expose students to computer science and logic concepts without the need for prior digital technology/coding knowledge. Over 20,000 Australian students have participated in Bebras since 2014.

To solve the tasks, students are required to think about logic, digital technologies, discrete structures, computation, data processing, and algorithmic concepts. Students can work in teams and find solving the problems very rewarding. In case all that leaves you uncertain, the Bebras website has some very clear examples of what’s involved – it’s not nearly as threatening as it might sound.

Bebras is free for schools and is delivered online and in class within one school hour (45-60 min). Teachers choose when their students participate in the challenge (between 7-18 Sept). Students from Year 3-12, participate in age categories. No prior computing/ICT knowledge is required.

Bebras is a  great idea coordinated by Digital Careers. Getting students to understand how to break problems up and solve them is the pivotal element in moving them on to coding – as well as just being all-round good for their thinking.

For all the computationally-thought-through details point your browser at:

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