Geeking the September school holidays

holidaySo here’s the list of school holiday activities that have made their way through my inbox recently:

=> Thinkspace at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (that was The Powerhouse) has some great looking workshops.  The newer ones on space and on connecting Scratch to the real world look especially fabulous. I can’t recommend the Thinkspace courses highly enough – all the ones I’ve seen have been just great. They’re also one of the few places to offer courses designed to appeal to kids into the mid-teens.

=> Centennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park and a range of vacation care venues are running the always popular Fizzics Education programmes.

=> On the North Shore and inner-West, Coderangers has a new series of holiday workshops. These include robotics and a girls-only course.

=> Also on the North Shore, Professor Plums is running science and robotics workshops during the holidays.

=> The Australian Museum is running its usual range of holiday activities, including Scientist for a Day.

=> AIE has some interesting workshops for teenagers on that tend more towards the animation and design end of the spectrum.

=> Codecamp is running its various coding workshops centered around creating an app – in a range from beginner to experienced. Codecamp has spread from the Eastern suburbs and is now running courses all over Sydney.

==> The Sydney Programming School have courses for Year 2-4 students running at the Mosman Art Gallery.

==> Then there’s The Coder Factory which has a rather cool-looking course for high school students on 21-22September.

As always, if you know of anything I’ve missed anything feel free to let me know.

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