Bio-Art Workshop with JJ Hastings looks fascinating

biofoundryEvery time I hear BioFoundy describe itself as a “DIY-Bio lab” I can’t help but get visions of mad scientists creating superbugs that turn people into flies. Sorry but there it is.

So perhaps these upcoming workshops being run with JJ Hastings might put a different spin on things.

After finishing a residency at Symbiotica Lab in WA, JJ Hastings is making her way across Australia to help out with the DIY-Bio lab, BioFoundy.

J.J. Hastings’ work focuses upon the intersection and interplay of art and science, merging scientific and artistic research. As an alumna of New York University, Harvard University and the University of Oxford (New College) with advanced degrees in both Biology and Bioinformatics, Ms. Hastings’ career in research spans over a decade.  J.J. is also co-founder of the bio-creative consultancy The Kitchen. Here’s what she’ll be presenting on:

Decellularisation Workshop: Decellularisation is a process of dematerialising, of devitalising. Once a tissue is stripped of its cells, only the extracellular matrix remains, containing materials such as collagen and elastin. In the field of tissue engineering, decellularisation is commonly used toward research into novel modes of organ regeneration. Once the cells of a given organ are removed, stem cells are reseeded onto the extracellular matrix to re-grow a fully functional organ.

Hacked Webcam Workshop: Too skint to afford a microscope? Not anymore! Learn to take any webcam and convert it into a microscope that is ideal for taking out into the field, and capable of capturing great photos and video straight to your laptop.

Cyanotype Workshop: The history of the cyanotype printing process is intertwined with the history of science. Initially used by John Herschel as a method of recording his data, this process was widely adopted as a mode of copying schematics (blueprint) in the fields of engineering and architecture.

That all sounds pretty interesting and not single fly or dinosaur in sight.See here for more.

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