Jump on board the Internet of Things with an Arduino Workshop

little bird workshopIf you’ve ever been tempted to jump on board with the Internet of Things, now’s your chance with another of the excellent Little Bird Arduino workshops coming up. And in addition to a nice grounding in the basics, you’ll walk away with an Arduino Inventor’s Kit.

The Workshop is on 23th May 2015 and runs from 10:00am to either 4:40 or 5:00pm depending on which part of the advertising you read. The course covers all the basics:

  • Blinking an LED
  • Reading a Potentiometer
  • Driving and RGB LED
  • Driving Multiple LEDs
  • Reading Push Buttons
  • Reading a Photo Resistor
  • Reading a Temperature Sensor
  • Driving a Servo Motor
  • Using a Flex Sensor
  • Reading a Soft Potentiometer
  • Using a Buzzer
  • Driving a Motor
  • Using Relays
  • Using a Shift Register
  • Using an LCD
  • Creating a Simple Simon Says Game

The Arduino Inventor Kit includes all the items items you’ll need to do all that, and some more.

This class is designed for computing and software enthusiasts. You don’t need to know how to program, but it will help. The workshop should equip you with the basics to start building projects based on Arduino.

All the breadboard-wired details can be found here.

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