Musify + Gamify at the Seymour Centre – just wow!

Vivid-Music-@-SeymourThe Seymour Centre and VIVID have announced their newly evolved 2015 New Wave Sound & Musify + Gamify program. From synthetic orchestras to 5-person pinball battle royales, to cutting-edge music and interactive experiences that are as strange as they are spectacular, I have to say it all sounds intriguing and awesome and somewhat confusing. I didn’t even know ‘musifications’ was a word until I read this (but then again perhaps it isn’t). Anyway, here’s what they say it’s all about…

Engaging with contemporary perspectives on ‘play’, Musify+Gamify is a unique event that is a global first, focused directly on this new dynamic potential of music and exploring the spaces where music play and game play meet.

Taking cues from last century’s music revolutions that took us from electrified instruments to bedroom recording, to more recent interactive technologies that have seen built environments join the sonic palette; this experience is not merely about video game music – it explores the whole concept of interactive design. As curator Ollie Bown has noted, “Musify+Gamify will bring together local and international artists, reflecting on their relationship to musical and gameplay experiences. It will provide a highly accessible platform to explore experimental music concepts, and will engage musicians and composers in the ways that music is becoming increasingly a tool in interactive experience design, from ringtones to reality TV scores.”

Curated by Ollie Bown and Lian Loke, the centerpieces of the event are two concerts of bold experimental music by groundbreaking Australian artists including Ensemble Offspring, Robbie Avenaim and Chris Abrahams, 7Bit Hero, Alon Isar and renowned BAFTA nominated game composer David Kanaga, of Dyed and Proteus. Taking place in the Seymour Centre, they will be complemented by external interventions to the auditorium incorporating ‘gamified’ audience participation in the creation of music. The Seymour Centre’s foyer will host a free series of diverse international musifications and gamifications, videogames, generative music and contemporary and interactive experiences, including works and experiences by David Kanaga, Lucas Abela, Michaela Davies and The Futile Research Lab.

There’s even more than this going on, and it all sounds amazing. Check out the full music-y game-y details are on the website.

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