Desktop laser-cutters go on sale

Emblaser-A4-2-292x311One Australia’s more interesting, and successful, Kickstarter campaigns was the Lazerblade from Melbourne’s Darkly Labs.

The company has now announced the release of their brand new website and online store,, which means anyone can now buy their own desktop laser-cutter kit.

The Lazerblade has been renamed the Emblazer and comes in two sizes: the A4 kit sells for A$836 (plus GST) while the A3 size is A$1029 (plus GST). Why on earth an Australian site lists the prices ex-GST is a mystery, by the way. It’s also a bit of a mystery why it requires 4-6 weeks after ordering before you can expect delivery.

Quibbles about pricing to one side, this is a really exciting product. Sadly I can’t find any reviews of it in action, but on the manufacturer’s materials and promises it’d be a great addition to any maker’s arsenal. Tempting…

2 thoughts on “Desktop laser-cutters go on sale

  • June 22, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    I am from Namibia, Swakopmund and is interesting buying a A4 “Lazerblade””, can u please assist me regarding thus.

    Stefanie van der Merwe


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