Basement tours of the Powerhouse on offer

maas basementThis could be interesting: The Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (formerly known as the Powerhouse) is offering members a chance to go on ‘basement tours’ and see objects not normally on display.

These entertaining small-group tours will showcase the extraordinary treasures in our archive collection: from a costume worn by Johnny O’Keefe to Mawson’s Antarctic sledge to Babbage’s Difference Engine from 1822 (a pre-cursor to the first computer), and more!

You’ll be led through your chosen area with expert insight and commentary from our curators. The tours are one hour in duration and space is limited so choose the area you’d like to explore and book today.

There’s a reasonable range of tours on offer including: Arms & armour, Explorers, Australian innovation, and Science, Maths & Measurement. Tours cost $15 for members and $25 for non-members and, rather unfortunately, are only available for age 12-plus. There’s only one tour a month, so if you’re interested it requires some pre-planning.

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