Review: innerexile Glacier transparent case

innerexile-glacier-case-for-apple-iphone-6The innerexile Glacier transparent case achieves something rare – it’s a case that actually complements an iPhone.

Personally I hate putting a case onto my beautifully designed bit of kit. But if you’re going to add a case, then it ought to be beautifully designed itself. The innerxile Glacier adds only 0.4mm to the edges of your phone and its clean lines and transparency do little to mar the phone’s industrial design. It also comes with snap-on buttons to match your phone’s colour. The case fits snugly to the phone, and in fact in our testing that was probably the major criticism: It fits so snugly that it can be awkward to put on and remove.

So on looks it’s a winner. But the big thing about the Galcier and the rest of the innerexile range is that it is self-healing: Light scratching simply disappears over time. A major gash isn’t going to go away, but the normal wear-and-tear of being carried in a pocket and placed on hard surfaces is not going to scratch the case. There’s certainly enough novelty in that idea that we still seem to spend time showing people the case and scratching it with fingernails just to show it in action.

The Glacier retails for around $41.

All said, if you are looking for a case for your phone you should take a good look at the innerxile range.

We tried out a review copy of the case provided by the lovely folk at Expansys.

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