Cometh the Hour of Code; cometh the teacher

sydneyhourofcodeYour school really should be doing the Hour of Code. Just one hour out of the week towards the end of the year to spend on programming. That’s not a lot and, really, should be achievable by almost any teacher.

The Hour of Code aims to have kids spend just one hour on coding – with the view to that leading to more later. If your school is not participating, and far too few are, they should be. There are such a depth of resources available that really absolutely no expertise is required from the teacher.

The official Hour of Code event runs during the week of December 8-14. There are literally millions of students from around the world participating.

Thus far, Sydney has a smattering of participating schools and organisations. An embarrassingly small smattering.

For information and ideas on the Hour of Code see their website. For easy resources to use during the Hour, and step-by-step teacher instructions take  a look at the list.

One hour. You can only do good.

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