An internet connected chicken hatchery wins Hackagong

hackagong prize winnersAn internet connected chicken hatchery is the overall winner of this year’s Hackagong.

While chicken farms probably don’t leap to mind as high-tech areas, team Infobahn’s connected hatchery is a great example of the Internet of Things in real-life, purposeful use. “The team programmed a microcontroller to demonstrate how an IoT enabled device could control the whole incubation period from heating the eggs to the correct temperature to rocking the eggs back and forth. It can all be controlled via your web browser on your desktop or on your mobile phone.”

Other hacked together winners include a system that lets people start an on demand e-business in under 60 seconds from their phone, and a 3D-printed game that provides players different types of mecha and vehicles to choose from, to create a full customizable army.

It’s really great to see all this creativity and innovation in one place. It is also, by-the-by, nice to see so many of the winning teams included women.

Take a look at the Hackagong website for more awesomeness.

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