Sydney researchers decode Egyptian book of spells

Handbook of Ritual PowerA real codex of Egyptian spells that has sat unread of 1300 years, has been decoded by researchers from Sydney and Macquarie Universities.

Among other things, the Handbook of Ritual Power includes a list of twenty-seven spells to cure demonic possession, various ailments, the effects of magic, or to bring success in love and business

The book was written in Coptic about 1,300 years ago and is interesting from an academic point of view as evidence of Sethian Gnostic thought based around Adam and Eve’s third son Seth.

From a completely non-academic point of view – it’s a book of spells from Egypt and we’re all seen the movies about what happens when you mess about with those.

Seriously though it’s a rather beautiful artifact and the idea that something written 1300 years ago in Egypt was deciphered today on the other side of the World is wonderful.

There’s a modern academic book about the ancient book; and you can see the actual codex at the Museum of Ancient Cultures at Macquarie University.

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