Review: Allsop Stylus gets 4/5

allsop stylusThere are times when a finger just won’t do the job – and it’s those times, which Steve Jobs would have looked upon with disgust, when you need a stylus. Our Senior Junior iPad Correspondent, Declan P, filed this review:

The Allsop Touchscreen Stylus is sleek, black and easy to use: It not only allows for much neater handwriting on something like an iPad, but, surprisingly, a faster typing speed. After using Apple styluses, which kept falling apart, I was doubtful that this stylus was going to be any good. But those doubts were put to rest as soon as I started using it. Bottom line: It is solid and makes typing and drawing much easier – you can’t ask for more than that.

Unlike the Apple styluses, it slides easily across the screen, and that allows for much easier drawing. The only downside of that smooth motion is it sometimes slips when you are typing. Its sleek black look makes it cool to carry around in the way of a nicely made pen.

Overall I give this stylus 4/5 stars. It is mostly awesome, but that slipping while typing can be annoying. Its sleek back looks are irresistible though.

The Allsop Stylus Pen was provided for testing by the lovely folk at Mobilezap.

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