Mineapalooza update – still some uncertainty

mineapaloozaSince I first wrote about the upcoming Mineapalooza Minecraft conference back in December they have fleshed out their website with some more information. However there continues to be some lack of detail which when taken together with the recent Minecraft conference furore in Florida has left some people concerned.

It isn’t helping that the venue, the Sydney Exhibition Centre, does not list Mineapalooza as an event. Even though the Mineapalooza website says that the event is being held at the Exhibition Centre, when we talked to them the Centre confirmed that the event organisers haven’t yet signed an agreement. While there could be many reasons for that, it would be reasonable to interpret it as the organisers waiting for more people to sign up before making a firm commitment.

Ultimately, there’s no reason at all to think that there would be any problems with Mineapalooza. But if anyone is concerned I suggest keeping an eye on the Exhibition Centre events page and looking for Mineapalooza to be listed.

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