Microview the chip-sized Arduino looks a little beauty

MicroviewArduino in its many forms remains the go-to platform for hobbyist electronics and makers. Microview, the brainchild of the Sydney team behind Ninja Blocks, takes the Arduino to a whole new level – a whole new tiny and visual level.

Microview is a chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED display: Basically an Arduino shrunk to the size of a chip and with a display. The possibilities for making cool stuff with one of these are endless – from wearable devices and jewelry through to gauges through to, well, anything really.  The Microview will be accompanied by an interactive course to get you started; really it’s all remarkably well thought through.

Microview was launched as a Kickstarter campaign. They were looking for funding of $25,000, but as I write this had achived almost $500,000 in backing with a week to go. As they already had fully-functioning prototypes this is more a case of simply buying the Microview than getting involved in a speculative operation. They are projecting delivery in July this year.

It’s simply great to see successful innovation coming out of Sydney, although somewhat sad to see it having to so heavily involve the USA to make it work – all manufacturing is being done in the USA for example. Regardless this is a lovely big idea in a beautiful little package: I’m looking forward to having a play with it.

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