Internet of Things Day 9 April 2014

iot daysApril 9 is the Global Internet of Things DayJust, by-the-by, who on earth gets to decide which day is which? Surely there’s only so much weight any given day can carry?

Anyway, I guess the fact that the Internet of Things has its own day is a sign that it really is hitting a critical mass in terms of people’s thinking. Certainly there are an increasing range of consumer and hobbyist applications hitting the market, which is making the whole space look increasingly exciting. A long way from my prototype, 3D-printed Ninja Block.

To celebrate GIoT Day, OzBerriPi is holding a Meetup in Chippendale. OzBerriPi, in spite of its name, is covering a great deal more than Raspberry Pi these days; describing itself as ‘Sydney’s open source hardware makerspace’ it is doing some really cool stuff.  Today that’s all about the Internet of Things. For all the interconnected details see here.

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