Google launches local resource for learning to code

Start with codeGoogle has launched Start With Code – a website of resources to help people understand why coding is important and to learn to code.

This is a great initiative which comes at a time when the push to get more children involved with coding is gaining momentum. The new Australian Curriculum includes coding from primary and there is an increasing bank of courses, clubs and groups available to teachers and students alike. It’s great to see an organisation with Google’s financial and credible clout putting its resources behind the movement. Google explains their motivation as:

We want to see Australia’s young people make the most of these opportunities, and combine their area of passion with coding skills to step into exciting future jobs in everything from medicine to manufacturing to movies. That’s why we’re launching a new campaign and website, Start with Code, to inspire our inventors of the future to arm themselves with coding skills today. It’s full of resources for parents, teachers, and students, to help people take their first coding steps. And we’ll add to it over time as we partner with more organisations in Australia who share our belief in Australia’s bright tech future.

The site has some interesting stuff available, although it’s a little weighted towards Google initiatives at the moment. I really love their underlying message that learning to code is the foundation for anything else you might want to invent or achieve these days. It all starts with code.

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