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feed_the_beast__mod_cloud_by_blekwave-d5jjodz-555x312If you’ve ever felt the need to do more than the normal Minecraft installation allows for, you need to Feed the Beast.  

Feed the Beast is a launcher for Minecraft that allows for simple and quick installation of mods, modpacks and maps. The launcher allows installation of various modpacks, texture packs and maps from many different providers so there is something to fit everyone’s needs. Here’s the review from our Senior Junior Minecraft Correspondent Declan P:

Feed The Beast (FTB) is an alternative Minecraft Launcher which lets you load lots of different mod packs (modification packs) on to Minecraft. A mod pack is a bunch of code that adds new gameplay options, like bees, engines or magic. Basically, FTB is an edited Minecraft designed so that you can have extra functions, items and blocks. There are many different mods to choose from, but for beginners, I recommend FTB Unleashed, which combines a variety of modpacks which work well together and are fun to play.

One of the many great things about FTB is that the people who designed it usually chose mods to be together in modpacks if they worked together well, like IndustrialCraft and Forestry (two mod packs) which use each others items and blocks in their own ways. This makes for great gameplay. Another thing is that there is way more to explore in FTB than Minecraft, so many people’s ideas, creations and designs. Unlike Minecraft, FTB  combines a variety of ideas to keep a player interested, and even if you do get bored, you can just change modpacks!

There are some downsides to this altogether fabulous game though. You can get confused at any stage of the game, so you need to keep the wiki handy. I advise doing the same things you do in normal Minecraft, and if you find something unexpected, look it up. Most pages are great, but some don’t show the crafting recipes, or just don’t exist, which can make the wiki frustrating.

On the whole Feed The Beast is a great addition to Minecraft and I would even go as far to say that it is better than Minecraft itself.

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