Scientists invent lollies that wont rot your teeth

Some German scientists from an organisation called ORGANOBALANCE have found a way to make lollies that don’t rot your teeth. As this article from Dvice explains the far more complicated original paper:

The real tooth decay culprit is a bacteria called Mutans streptococci, which you release into your mouth as you chew. It attaches itself to your teeth, releasing acid, which is what damages your enamel. To combat mutans streptococci, the folks at ORGANOBALANCE laced their candy with another bacteria called Lactobacillus paracasei. This interesting little bacterium has a harmless sugary coating that gloms onto Mutans streptococci and smothers it in a bear hug of tooth-protecting justice.

Plain and simple, the offending bacteria simply can’t attach itself to your teeth when bonded with the good guys, saving your mouth from damaging acid. Your teeth are saved, candy is vindicated, and the real culprit is brought to justice.

This is a great example of when research can take you in unexpected directions – and why people shouldn’t be making ill-informed value judgments about their view of the validity of scientific research.

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