Combat Creatures are a lot of spidery fun

Doom RazorThe time for Christmas presents is upon us. Our Senior Junior Toy correspondent Declan P, aged 10, loves Combat Creatures and has filed this report.

It is a time for trees, lights and baubles. Of course there is always the fourth thing on that Christmas list: Presents. There are many new toys appearing every week, and indeed, every day at the moment. There are, of course, some that stand out and just work: Combat Creatures – the ultimate in blasting robots – is one of them.

These six legged robots are a lot of fun to play with and delightful to watch; though the armour is a bit hard to assemble. There are currently two models. They are Stryder and Doom Razor. Doom Razor comes with a disc launcher and is red. Stryder comes with a dart machine gun and is blue. Although they are quite noisy, especially on a wooden floor, they are lots of fun to play with. The controllers are relatively simple, and only take a minute to get a hang of.

StryderThese blasting robots come with decorations, and can be personalised for all those aesthetics lovers out there. But they are also designed to look good just out of the box. They each have detachable parts; one set is the leg armour, there are six parts to that; the other two parts are the head, which keeps score; and the weapon, which you use to fire at the other Combat Creature.

Though they are designed for two players it is fun to just run around shooting people with them instead of firing at another robot. It is also quite fun to just shoot at towers of cans and knock them over. They also pair up well with Nerf guns so that you can have a duel with a person instead of a robot (with them being honest about keeping count of their lives).

The packaging advertises that it comes with targets. These turn out to be printed on the inside of the box and it is hard to get them off (even though they have a dotted line which they have already cut) and they are quite small and have nothing to hold them up. A plastic cup makes a better target.

There are ups and downs to these six legged fighting machines, but ultimately they make a great present.

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