Why the snails?

snail sydneyIf you’ve wandered about the City of Sydney at all recently you’ll have noticed the snails. You can’t help but notice the snails, for these are not subtle snails. They are the snails of radioactive nightmares. Snails made human-sized and glowing brightly as they slither towards you. Well, maybe there’s not so much slithering, but these things are certainly big. So, why?

The 24 mammoth molluscs are, it turns out, made from recycled plastic and are designed to encourage people to see Sydney in a different light and to encourage the creation of more sustainable environments. They are displayed as part of the Art and About Festival. 

And while we’re talking snails: Do you know that medieval manuscripts very often had pictures of knights fighting snails? It’s true, according to the Smithsonian newsletter I read today, and no one knows why. It’s this sort of quirky, generally historical of scientific information that thoroughly endears the Smithsonian’s newsletter to me. Other articles in today’s newsletter include: “Where did the fear of poisoned Halloween candy come from?” and “Hungry animals would take down a zombie invasion“. If you have any interest in such quirkiness leavened with real science and history I thoroughly recommend the Smithsonian Magazine.

In the meantime, what Sydney clearly lacks is some knights in armour to battle the encroaching hordes of giant snails…

Image: artandabout.com.au

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