Z DAY Zombie Apocalypse: more zombies for Sydney

Z DayFinally a real world zombie shooter that looks like it might get off the ground in Sydney. Melbourne’s had them, Sydney failed to get one running last year. This latest attempt looks like it’s got some legs, albeit still shambling, zombie ones.

Z Day is pitching itself as a real-world zombie event played across 70-acres of post-apocalyptic landscape in Sydney. Like Patient 0, Z Day will use realistic IR weapons. The custom IR weapons system will be used to create a range of guns and tools including long-distance sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and even claymore mines; each with realistic ranges, damage abilities and spray patterns. The zombies will have their own versions of the IR weapon, built into a glove rather than into a gun. Players will need to stay out of arms reach of a zombie, because a scratch equals death.

In an interesting twist, there will be three classes of players: Zombie, Survivor and elite Special Ops soldier. Each class is equipped with character-specific gear, weapons and objectives. As a Zombie your goal is simple… BRAINS!

If you’re a Survivor, your job is equally simple: your objective is to survive. When you’re deployed onto the Z Day field as a Survivor, however, you’ll be given a few things, including a gun with limited ammunition and a few other paltry supplies. It’s your job to go get more and to ultimately come face-to-face with your undead enemy. The Special Ops class have the best weapons, the most gear and a specific mission to complete before being extracted from the Quaratine Zone.

Z Day is seeking funding on Pozible. Backing the project gets you tickets at pre-release prices. As I write, the project is more than half-way funded.

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