Sydney’s own real life zombie game

A new project aims to put you and your friends in the midst of a zombie apocalypse right here in Sydney. The idea of a zombie computer game coming off the screen so you can participate in real life has been gaining currency around the world recently. Done properly it seems like a pretty exciting way to spend an evening with a group of friends.

A couple of days ago a project popped up on crowd funding site aiming to give Sydney its own chance to take on the undead.

Live the Game is Sydney’s real life first person zombie shooter experience. Now it’s time to step away from your humble abode because the zombie apocalypse is going to be knocking on the door. You’ll begin the experience in a zombie-infested world, armed with nothing – and you have up to two hours to fight your way out. You will need to find your weaponry as you run.

I must admit I’d be ignoring this project as completely aspirational if it were not for the fact that one of the two people behind it is Michael Berman – who organises the Zombie Walk and so has a record as being able to bring a big project off. That said, the funding page on Pozible is very short of real detail, certainly when compared with Melbourne’s IRL Shooter. In addition, it’s just not clear that a city needs two zombie apocalypse games and it appears that IRL Shooter will be touring to Sydney in the future with its well-developed technology.

I hate to be negative about this project after crying jealousy that only Melbourne was getting such a cool activity. It’d be great if they can bring it off. Realistically though, I fear the organisers are going to have to do some more work to position themselves in comparison to IRL Shooter and demonstrate they have more than a broad aspirational idea.

I’d really love to try one of these games out so I wish them luck with getting this thing off the ground – may they get a full, shambling horde of undead crying out to give them money…

Full details are at

UPDATE 4 JULY 2013: There’s a new Pozible campaign, unrelated to the above,  Z Day which looks like it may get off the ground.

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